Augusta and Luca from CASA BART

Augusta: the creative core of CASA BART

Do you know “Pride and Prejudice”, but also “Desperately seeking Susan”? Augusta loves to turn around in front of the mirror and to come through the puddles with her bicycle as faster as she can. She always said that she would have lived in the city, but the country makes her heart beat.

Where she comes from
Augusta has a degree in Modern Letters and her creative inspiration spreads between composition, music, cooking and sport. After years of work in a marketing company, she decided to unfurl the sails, because when the wind blow, it is time to build windmills.

How to conquer her
A secret to make her loosen up? Put on  some music and let her dance!

Luca: the sports core of CASA BART

If he was a game, he would be a brainteaser; if he was an animal, he would be a wolf. Luca loves the challenges, the mountain and the endurance sports. He hangs out the mountains since he was a baby, climbing, skiing, hiking and cycling.

Where he comes from
He transformed his passions in job, he has a diploma in Sports and Mobility Sciences and is a kinesiologist, alway working in the sports environment. He loves military history, he is fascinated by the history of Savoia Royal Family and he has an Occitanian flag at home. But not even the Lou Dalfin band has the power to let him dance

How to conquer him
A secret to make him loosen up? Give him a dessert with fresh cream!

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