The breakfast: the first cuddle after the awakening

Make your day is our goal: our effort is maximum in order that you take on your holiday with a smile on your face!

The breakfast room: style and familiarity

The internal room keeps the warmth and the style of our valleys with a touch of originality. The light joyful enters by the windows, since the early morning, buti if is a lukewarm day , you can also have your breakfast outside, at the shadow of a majestic mulberry.

The breakfast: a question of selection

At CASA BART we have chsen to offer only products of the territory and local manufacturers, small and great artisans, who represent the excellence of this land. At our place you could chose between sweet or savory food for breakfast, combined with our homely service.

The breakfast: an energy supply

If you ask to us, we can prepare for you the “champion’s breakfast”! If have specific needs, if you have planned a tour with a big expenditure of energy o, simply, you desire a breakfast with one more strength, we will serve you a breakfast on your needs.


Over the breakfast


CASA BART - Snack boxThe snack box: an energy boost during the trip
Have you planned a challenging tour keeping you out for many hours? Let us know: we will prepare handy sandwiches to take with you as much as possible compatible with your needs: small protein-based sandwiches, dry fruit and a lor of energy in a practicle easy to handle box. Available by booking the evening before.

CASA BART - Pic-nicCASA BART - MerendaThe merenda sinoira: to round off the trip in the best possible way
Imagine: you arrive tired, perspired, have a shower and … what is better of a little bit of relax in the garden with a drink and maybe a good plate of selection of Piedmontese appetisers? At CASA BART you can!, because, when we go for a stroll, we are the first to ask for it and we have become real expert! Available by booking in the morning at breakfast.

CASA BART - cenaThe dinner: delicious locally sourced dishes
CASA BART is surrounded by trattorias and inns where you can eat exceptionally well, but if you don't feel like going out, you can dine in. We collaborate with a number of local restaurants, whose aim is to serve delicious dishes using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.  Available by booking the evening before.

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