At CASA BART we take care of you

When we planned our bed and breakfast we also gave a lot of importance to the psyco-physical wellbeing of our guests

The stretching room for the cool-down

Taking 20 minutes a day to the stretching is a real cure-all, expecially after a long tour. At CASA BART you have an equipped room to dedicate yourself to the cool-down, but also to a training session, if you like, with the support of Luca, personal trainer with a diploma in Sports and Mobility Sciences.

Sports massage and Swedish massage

If the decontracting sports massage represents a source of substantial benefits for those who have faced a demanding excursion or a race, the Swedish massage aims to achieve overall well-being, both physically and psychically. Choose with Luca the one that suits you best.

Postural rebalance and functional recovery

If you like, Luca is also a kinesiologist and Pancafit® specialist, able to give freedom and wellbeing to all your body thank to the muscolar stretching and the breathing. He will help you to ricaver your energies or a tense posture caused by a prolonged effort.

Barefoot in the garden: a fairy-tale-like relax

At CASA BART are expecting for you not only the garden, but also a big grass: a refuge for mind and spirit, to release the daly formalities and feel again the contact with the slowness and the breath of the soul. To rule the roost there is a hunderdsof years old chestnut: try to hug it

Prenota subito la tua vacanza attiva in Val Maira