Villar San Costanzo: the tourism in Maira Valley between myths and adventures

CASA BART is in Villar San Costanzo, in the low Maira Valley, where traditions, legends and place of historical and cultural interest intersect with a wide network of trails to cover walking or cycling with a mountain bike or an e-bike. And with a racing bicycle you can reach the legendary climbs of the great champions.

Trekking in Maira Valley between nature and timeless hamlets

Tours in Maira Valley for MTB, e-bike and gravel bike

Racing bike: tourism in Maira Valley for the two wheels

Hiking in Maira Valley between woods and culture

Eating in Maira Valley

Trekking in Maira Valley: between nature and timeless hamlets

If you love hiking, you are in the right place: CASA BART is at the foot of San Bernardo Mount and, just crossed the doorstep, start countless trails and trekking that, almost without touching the paved road take you from an altitude of 600 mt to 2700 mtThere are tours for all levels of difficulty.

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MTB, e-bike, gravel bike: the Maira Valley trails for the off road bikes

Kilometres of white and military roads that cover and cross the valleys of Cuneo. Historical memory of battles, traditions, old workmanships and onetime customs, between France and Italy, Piedmont and Liguria. From Alps to Mediterranean Sea, among Maira, Grana, Varaita and Stura Valleys.

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  • Liretta Pass circuit - Low valley tour developing on the east ridge of the Liretta Pass,
  • Dragon Bike circuit - Gravel roads easy and tracks never too tricky … the only difficulty is the length and the drop gained
  • Cannons road - A scenic itinerary on an old ex military route between Maira Valley and Varaita Valley
  • Gardetta Plateau circuit - An out-and-out tour in alpine environment

Racing bicycle: the tourism of the two wheels has a special taste in Maira Valley

Legendary roads to cycle, where the intineraries are not mesured in kilometers, but in emotions. Is there anyone who does not know the great climbs of the Tour of Italy, protagonists of the Cuneo territory? But not only: there is olso the plain that, with her rivers and orchards, is charm for eyes and cycleable by anyone.

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Hikes in Maira Valley: walking among woods and culture

Not only sport at CASA BART, but olso the opportunity to know the territory throught its culture. Surroundedby the silence of the woods, Abbeys, Sanctuaries, Churches and rural chapels are testimony of the twist of history and ancient tales. And also museums, archeological sites, the paintings ot itinerant painters: to each one his amusemen.

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Eating in Maira Valley: typical dishes that cross the borders

Godd air makes you hungry and the territory offers delicacies and specialties you cannot avoid to taste. Let you tempt: by us the innovation winks at the tradition and the old flavours are highlighted by the authenticityof recipes already mouth-to-mouth handed down. Try it with taste!

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  • Raviolas de toma - Lengthened gnocchi, they where the main dish of the engagement and the baptisms banquet
  • Daube provenzale - Beef stew cooked in the Cote du Rhone, red wine from Provenza
  • Mato - The ingredients are those available in the mountain pasture, the outcome is a unique dish
  • Torta dei Tetti - A pie with a dough based on pears wit an old origin, probably Medieval

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